Capital Cost Estimator 
 Preliminary Economic Assessment 

The Capital Cost Estimator develops PEA level estimates to construct the process plant and ancillary facilities. Costs such as pre-stripping, mining fleet, owner’s costs, etc are developed by engineers in the appropriate disciplines. These costs are included as line items into the Capital Cost Estimator to produce a total initial capital cost estimate.

To develop the PEA capital cost estimate for the process plant and ancillary facilities the following are required:
  • Proposed process flowsheet(s). The basis for the flowsheet(s) needs to be supported by metallurgical test work.
  • Equipment list identifying all Major equipment items and ancillary facilities.
  • Vendor quotations for items over a nominal value of US$50,000. The database associated with the Capital Cost Estimator may be used as a guide to expected prices.
  • Areas for ancillary buildings (administration, laboratory, security, etc.).
  • Distances for access roads within the project; excludes in pit haul roads and ramps.
  • Costs for major pipe runs.
  • Costs for major power lines.
  • Other relevant costs.

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