Capital Cost Estimator 

The Capital Cost Estimator estimates the capital cost required to construct a new mining project. It can also be used to estimate capital costs to modify, optimize or debottleneck processing plants that are already in operation. The Capital Cost Estimator can also be used to check estimates developed by other parties.

In developing a new mining project there are three industry accepted stages. Development to each stage is documented in a report; referred to as studies. The studies are called:
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment Study (“PEA”).
  • Pre-Feasibility Study.
  • Feasibility Study.
Each study includes estimating the capital cost to construct the project. In advancing from a PEA study to a feasibility study technical details for the project and engineering design are developed to higher levels of confidence. Consequently the accuracy and confidence of the capital cost estimate improves. For a feasibility study, the capital cost estimate needs to be to a level of accuracy and confidence suitable for project financing.

An example of how the Capital Cost Estimator develops a capital cost estimate can be seen by clicking on the “Example” button. To create an account and use the Capital Cost Estimator or to Login to an existing account click on the “Login” button.

Use of the Capital Cost Estimator is on a license/subscription basis. A free trial period is currently being offered to use the estimating package.

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